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You can copy and paste your data in from another application such as a spreadsheet program like Microsoft Excel.  Since the record layout in the other application may not match the PRL form, we recommend that you copy and paste by the column.  It may be possible to do this for multiple columns at once, but it is important that the correct data is pasted into each column; otherwise the Pesticide Reporting Service Bureau will may not be able to process your report.


  • Copy - copies one or more cells to the Windows clipboard. The cell contents can then be pasted into other cells or even into other applications (including text editors or spreadsheets). 
    • Keyboard shortcut: Ctrl-C

  • Cut - is identical to Copy except that the data is removed from the selected cells.
    • Keyboard shortcut: Ctrl-X

  • Paste Insert - creates a new row above the currently selected cell and pastes data from the clipboard into that new row, beginning at the cell immediately above the selected cell.

  • Paste Overwrite - pastes the data into an existing (possibly empty) row, beginning at the selected cell.

    • Keyboard shortcut: Ctrl-V



      If you have copied or cut only part of a row, it is essential that you paste into the same columns or ; otherwise the data you paste may end up in an unintended column.