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  1. Create a new email message and open up your email program’s attachment window.
  2. Typically, the window will have a folder path field at the top with a down arrow on the right side. Click this arrow and a drop down list of folder names will appear. Point and click the mouse at the Computer folder.

  3. Then click the solid rightward arrowthat appears to the right of the Computer folder.

  4. Another drop down list will appear; find and click the Local Disk (C:) folder.

  5. A new list of folders will be displayed in the large area below the folder path field.  Use the scroll bar to scroll the list until PRL2014 appears, then click it with the mouse.


    titlescroll bar usage...

    The scroll bar is a horizontal bar with outward facing arrows at either end. Click the arrows with the mouse to make the bar move and scroll the folder list. Alternatively, your email program's attachment window may have a vertical scroll bar. A vertical scroll bar is used in the same way as a horizontal scroll bar.

  6. Your report files and the identity.txt file will appear. Highlight each of these files by holding down the CTRL key while clicking on each file.

  7. dd

  8. When finished selecting files , click the "Open", "Attach" or "Insert" button at the bottom of the window. This will attach the files to your email message.