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Entering Contact and Identity Information

Use the Control Center to tell us who to contact when we communicate with you about your report.  Please fill out all three fields under Pesticide Reporting Contact Person.You also need to provide identification information, so that we can associate your report with the correct applicator(s) or organization.

Are you in the pesticide application or sales business?

Pesticide application businesses should submit

Pesticide applicators should submit

Pesticide sales businesses should submit


Multiple Applicators-Sales
Multiple Applicators-Sales

titleMultiple Applicators or Sales Permits

If your organization employs multiple applicators, just choose one of them to enter in this form. 

If your business has more than one business registration number, enter the one for the main business office. You may — but are not required to — submit the other business registration numbers using a Form 26A.  See this FAQ for more information.

If your business has more than one commercial permit number, you may enter one number here and provide separate Form 25s or Form 27s for each commercial permit number. The header areas of both forms have a commercial permit number field, which is editable.  You may also send us separate reports for each commercial permit number.

Scroll office only

See the Multiple Applicators section for more information.

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PSBD:Decide Which Forms to Use
PSBD:Decide Which Forms to Use

Opening up a Form

When you have decided which form(s) to use, click the corresponding radio button in the Report Forms area.  Do you want to start a new file or add to an existing one? To start a new file, click on the Blank Form button.  For an existing file, click the Existing Form button.  This will open up a dialog in which you can choose the file you want.