An “e-convert.” is a report submission with one or more electronic files that need to be converted to a standard “compliant” format.  The automatic handling of report submission includes several rules intended to determine whether the submission can continue to be processed automatically or requires human intervention. Operationally, then, an “e-convert.” is a report submission that must be pulled out of the normal workflow for individual attention.


This assessment is made automatically as your report submission is received. Sometimes, especially with email submissions, there may be additional files attached to your email that are not part of your report but that can cause your report to be considered an e-convert. For example, if your email program uses a decorative background image for your emails, we receive that image as a attached file. There is no way to automatically determine whether the image is just decorative (so we can ignore it) or a scanned image of a PRL form (which should not have been sent but is part of the report). The files in the submission need to be examined by a human.


In some cases, we are able to manually extract report data from the problem files. Sometimes, we cannot convert the files (either at all or in a reasonable period of time). If we cannot convert the files, the submission will be rejected and you will be asked to re-submit.

Because e-converts need individual manual processing, they often take much longer to process than the standard “compliant” reports. You can help ensure that your report submission is processed quickly and accurately by following the guidelines for compliant reports.