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The Save command writes the data in the data entry grid, along with appropriate entries from the form header, to a text file.

Save As is similar but gives you the opportunity to change the file name.

Saving a File for the First Time or Using Save As

  1. Choose the Save or Save As menu item on the Tools menu.

  2. A dialog will ask if you want to Validate the file before saving it.  If you choose to validate the file, you can still save regardless of whether there are errors.

  3. A standard Windows Save or Save As dialog opens the report folder with the File Name field pre-filled.

    You may change the name of the file when you save it. However, keep the first letter (P, A, M, or S) from the suggested name. The Pesticide Reporting Service Bureau requires the initial letter in order to identify the form type.

  4. Click Save.


We recommend that you do not unnecessarily change the folder when saving your files. Submitting your report will be much simpler if all of your report files are in one place and the identity information from the registration form is always stored in the default report folder.  If you need to keep several separate reports on one computer, you can always change the report root.


Second, if this form has not been previously saved or if you selected Save As, you are shown a standard Windows Save or Save As dialog box. The location of the file defaults to the current Report Folder. The program also suggests a name for the file;

if the form was previously saved and you selected Save As, the default name is the name under which the form was previously saved. A new, never before saved form will have a suggested name based on the form type, the identity information in the form header, and a sequence number to distinguish this file from others in the same report folder.

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