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If you are using the PRL Reporting Software Option A, B, or C from the Pesticide Reporting Service Bureau, you have a lot of flexibility in where you choose to save the files.

First, you will have chosen a “Report Root”, a location where all of your NYS PRL files should be saved. The PRL Reporting Software installation program defaults to the C:\ drive, but you can change that location at either installation or while running the program.

The PRL Reporting Software then defaults to saving your files in a subfolder of the Report Root. There is a separate “Report Folder” for each report year. The Report Folders are created by the software as needed; they are named PRLyyyy, where “yyyy” is the report year. For example, if you accepted the default Report Root at installation, your report files for 2011 should be saved in the folder C:\PRL2011.

The PRL Reporting Software displays the current location for the report folder in the upper right corner of the Registration form. The identity.txt file is automatically saved in the report folder. When you save report data files, you have the choice of saving them to the current report folder or to a different location. We strongly recommend saving to the current report folder, which should be the default.  See Report Folder and Report Root in the Glossary for more information.