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After you install Option B, you must change the macro security setting in Excel.  If you do not change the security setting and enable macros, many of the features in the spreadsheets will not function correctly.  Depending on your macro security setting and version of Excel, Excel may ask if you want to enable Macros when you open these forms.  ALWAYS  enable macros when using this software.

If Macros have not been enabled, the spreadsheets should show a prominent warning in the header area. (Note: the “Macros Disabled” warning may be briefly visible when you open a form and while you are saving a form; this is normal.) 

The instructions for enabling macros are also available from the Help menu (Macro Security Setting item) on the Registration form.

titleImportant Note for Excel 2010 Users

When an Option B workbook is opened, a macro runs that reads some identity information from the Registration form and hides the red “Macros are disabled” warning in the header area of the spreadsheet. In Excel 2010 only (not in earlier versions of Excel), this macro runs only if Excel is already running when you open the workbook.

Therefore for Excel 2010, we strongly recommend that you start Excel 2010 before opening an Option B workbook.


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