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Report includes applications made in states other than New York.The PRL reporting requirement only applies to applications and sales made in New York State.
Reports submitted via email without any contact or identity information; this often occurs with reports that were not created using our software or that do not completely comply with our specificationsBeginning with the 2023 report year, we are no longer accepting reports submitted via email.  Please use one of our other report submission methodsYou must include contact and identity information with all report submissions.  If your software does not create an identity.txt file, include contact information (contact name and phone number) in the body of the email.  In addition, your report file(s) must include all certification numbers and commercial permit numbers (pesticide sales businesses only) for your organization.
Required form columns have not been filled out.Review the Data Dictionary for the record layout and required values for the form type you are submitting.
The ID number(s) of applicators or commercial permittees, who are required to report, have been left off the report or the number(s) have been miskeyed.

Be sure to include all the applicators who are required to report for the year.  This includes applicators who left the organization during the year or who did not make applications. 

Note that apprentices are not required to report, but their applications must be reported.  Report applications made by apprentices under their supervising applicator.

For pesticide sales organizations, be sure to include all of your sales permit numbers.