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After you install Option B, you must change the macro security setting in Excel.  If you do not change the security setting and enable macros, many of the features in the spreadsheets will not operate or will not function correctly.  Depending on your macro security setting and version of Excel, Excel may ask if you want to enable Macros when you open these forms.  ALWAYS  enable macros when using this software.

If Macros have not been enabled, the spreadsheets should show a prominent warning in the header area. (Note: the “Macros Disabled” warning may be briefly visible when you open a form and while you are saving a form; this is normal.) 

The instructions for enabling macros are also available from the Help menu (Macro Security Setting item) on the Registration form.


The identity fields in the header area of each form are filled with the values you entered on the Registration form.  Changing the identity fields here does not update the corresponding fields on the Registration form.  While the certification number and applicator name are editable, there are preferred better methods for reporting for multiple applicators.  The commercial permit number field is editable so that you can report for multiple commercial permittees  in one report submission. 


If you have applications or sales to report, enter each pesticide application or sales record in its own row in the spreadsheet below the header area.  The header area is “frozen” — i.e., it will remain visible at the top of the spreadsheet as you scroll down through the data entry rows. Please ensure that you have scrolled up to the rows that contain data if you are editing an existing workbook.

For your convenience, the column headers show a “tool tip” describing the contents of that column if you hover over the header cell with your mouse, the column headers show a “tool tip” with a data description for that column. In addition, most of the data entry cells show a descriptive prompt when the cell is selected.  Additional information about the fields in each form is available from the Data Dictionary.



Excel has a few surprising behaviors. If you use arrow keys or Tab to move more than two rows one row past the part of the spreadsheet containing data, the input focus will automatically move back to the top of the worksheet instead of to the next row.