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  • Option A – Desktop software for Windows which provides electronic data entry forms similar to the paper forms.  We recommend this option for most users who have application or sales data to report.

  • Option B – A desktop application that requires Microsoft Excel on Windows.  This option is recommended for users of Excel, but does require some additional configuration.

  • Option C – This desktop application is for users who export their PRL report files from a third-party application (or created their own text files) and want to validate the files.

  • Option D – Formatted Microsoft Excel spreadsheets with none of the features provided by Option B.  This option is recommended for users having difficulty installing Option B, Macintosh users of Excel, Excel 2013 users or Windows 8 users.

Additional Considerations

Options A - C require installation on your computer.  If you are using a computer on which you cannot install software, Option D may work for you since it does not require installation; each of the four forms is a separate download.