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Table of Contents

Editing the List

The EPA Registration Number List simplifies the data entry of products that are used multiple times.

When you open one of the pesticide sales or application forms (Forms 2526 and 27) you will see the list in the upper right corner of the form.  Open up the list by clicking the Edit button on one of the forms or choosing the Edit Product List item on the Tools menu of the Control Center. In Option A you can also open the edit window by choosing the Edit List item from the Product List menu.


Scroll office title
titleProduct List Dialog


On the Product List that opens up, add products by

  1. clicking Add,
  2. typing the EPA Registration Number and the Product Name in the window that opens up, and
  3. clicking OK to save.  (see Temporary or Permanent Changes? for more information)

Other EPA List Functions

  • Edit an existing entry - Select the entry, then click the Edit button.
  • Remove a single entry from the list - Select the entry, then click the Delete button.
  • Remove all items from the list - click the Clear button.
  • Restore the list from the permanent file - click the Reload button.
  • Make your changes permanent - click Save.


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titleTemporary or Permanent Changes?

If you do not Save your changes, they will remain in effect until you close the application, but they will not be permanent.  The next time you open the program, the list will be restored to its prior state.  So if you Clear the list, but do not Save it, you can always Reload it.

Using the List on a PRL Form

  1. Exit the Product List.
  2. Click in the EPA Reg Number column in a row on the form, and then click an EPA Number in the list.  On Option A you can also use the list with these keystrokes: ALT-P, L.  You can then use the arrow keys to navigate to the product you want and the enter key to select it


The EPA Number and Product Name will be populated to the row on the form.