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If your business employs multiple applicators, you can submit a single report on behalf of all of the applicators employed by your business during the report year.  There are there methods of doing this.



Unless all of the applicators on whose behalf you are reporting made no pesticide applications during the report year, you must include at least one Form 26 regardless of which of the three methods you use.



Option A: Methods 1, 2

Option B: Methods 1, 3


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The information on the  

Registration form

Control Center does not need to be changed to report for multiple applicators.  Normally, when you open a blank Form 26, the certification number on the 

Registration form

Control Center is copied to the new Form 26. This is acceptable, even though the applicator shown might not have personally performed all (or even any) of the pesticide applications reported or supervised the making of those applications.


Method 2





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      Although it is not required by the DEC, you may maintain a separate Form 26 for each applicator entered on Form 26A.

  1. On the


  1. Control Center check the box labeled “Check here if you wish to maintain separate application files …”.


  1. A list of the applicators from your Form 26A will be shown (see Multiple Applicators image).


  1. Select one of the applicators.  The name and certification ID of the applicator you select will be written to the header area of the empty Form 26.


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Method 3


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If you are using Option B, you can create separate Form 26s for each applicator:

  1. Enter the name and certification number of one applicator on the


  1. Control Center.

  2. Create a separate Form 26 for each applicator.

  3. Change the  certification number and applicator name in the header of each Form 26.

  4. Saving the form will save the name and ID of the applicator with that Form 26 file.