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Table of Contents





Show Row Numbers

Check the Show Row Numbers box to show row numbers in the data entry grid. Row numbers are not saved as part of the data file, but they can provide a useful guide while you are entering PRL data. You can also click on a row number to select the entire row for a Copy/Paste operation.

County Code Popup Window

The County Code Popup can be opened by clicking the yellow button at the top of the data entry grid in Forms 26 and 27.  See County Code Popup for more information.

Edit EPA Registration Number List

This button opens a dialog box with which you can create or edit a list of pesticide products (EPA Registration Numbers and Product Names) that you use frequently.  See EPA Registration Number List for more information.

Save and Save As

Use these menu items to save the report file.  See File Saving for more information.

  • Menu Item: File -> Save (keystroke shortcut: Alt-F, S)
  • Menu Item: File -> Save As (keystroke shortcut: Alt-F, A)

Print and Print Selection

Prints the PRL data form or a selected region from the data entry grid.

  1. Choose the Print or Print Selection menu item on the File menu (or use the keystroke shortcut).

  2. A Print Preview window opens, showing you the expected printout. Click the Print button.

  3. A standard Windows Print dialog lets you select a printer and change print properties as needed.

  4. Click OK to print.

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You will be reminded before printing that the printout is intended for your own records only.  Please do not submit the printed copy as your PRL report.


  • Menu Item: File -> Print (keystroke shortcut: Alt-F, P)
  • Menu Item: File -> Print Selection

Edit Functions

Use these functions to cut, copy, delete, insert and paste data within the form and to and from other applications.  See

editing functions

Editing Functions for more information.


Using the Validate menu item, you can check the form for errors at any time.  See Validation for more information.

  • Menu Item: Validate(keystroke shortcut: Alt-V)



The Help menu provides access to several documentation files:


  • User Guide



  • DEC.
  • County Code Popup Options Help Instructions for using the County Code Popup (Forms 26 and 27 only)



  • - Menu Item: Help(keystroke shortcut: Alt-H)


Closes the form. If the form has changed since it was last saved, you will be given an opportunity to Save before closing. When the form closes, you are taken back to the Option A

registration form

Control Center.


  • Menu Item: File -> Close (keystroke shortcut: Alt-F, C)
  • Close window button (upper right corner of form’s title bar)
  • Right-click form icon in the title bar: Close (keystroke shortcut: Alt-F4)