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Certified pesticide applicators and pesticide sales businesses that make applications or sell pesticides in the State of New York are legally required to submit an annual report.  This site provides documentation to software and processes designed by the Pesticide Reporting Service Bureau in conjunction with the NYSDEC to assist you in meeting that requirement.  If you need additional assistance with the reporting process, please contact us.

Installation Guide

The PRL Software Installation Guide is for anyone installing the software for the first time or upgrading from a previous version.  Before you download one of our software packages, determine which option is best suited to your needs.

Getting Started Guides

User Guides

After you have installed a Reporting Software Option, explore their features in the appropriate user guide:

  • Option A – Desktop software for Windows which provides electronic data entry forms similar to the paper forms.  We recommend this option for most users who have application or sales data to report.  Option A will also validate files created by third-party applications (This functionality replaces Option C, which has been discontinued.)
  • Option B – A desktop application that requires Microsoft Excel on Windows.  This option is recommended for users of Excel, but does require some additional configuration.
  • Option D and O – Formatted Excel spreadsheets with none of the features provided by Option B .  Option D is recommended for users having difficulty installing or configuring Option B , users with small amounts of data to enter or Macintosh users of Excel.  Option O is for users that have a spreadsheet application that is not Excel.  These would include programs such as Apple’s Numbers or’s Calc


Downloadable Versions

Click the links below to download a Microsoft Word version of our Guides and related documentation.

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