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This page is for new users of the PRL Reporting Software Option A or anyone who would like to review its basic functions.

Table of Contents

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About This Document

This document is for new users of the PRL Reporting Software Option A or anyone who would like to review its basic functions.  The print version does not contain all the linked pages that are available in the web site version.  If you need printable documentation that contains a complete set of our four software options.



the linked documentation, download the Option A User Guide.

Preparation and Starting the Software

Before you download one of our software packages, determine which option is best suited to your needs.

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Before you download one of our software packages, determine which option is best suited to your needs.

Starting the Software


There are a couple of ways1 to open up the main window:

  • Double-click the


  • "PRL Option


  • A" shortcut on your computer’s desktop.
  • Click on the Windows Start button and navigate to Programs


  • -> Pesticide Reporting


  • -> PRL Option A.  Windows 8 users will have

a ‘PRL Option A’

  • a  "PRL Option A" icon on their Start Screen.

When you start the program, the  Registration form opens.


Registration FormImage Removed


Entering Contact and Identity Information


Use the Registration form to tell us who to contact when we communicate with you about your report.  You also need to provide identification information so that we can associate your report with the correct applicator(s) or organization.

Are you in the pesticide application or sales business?  Pesticide application businesses should submit

  •  a Certification ID;
  • the Applicator Name associated with the Certification ID;
  • optionally, a Business Registration Number,  which with a few exceptions all application businesses have;  and
  • optionally, the Business Name.

Pesticide applicators should submit

  • a Certification ID, and
  • the Applicator Name associated with the Certification ID.


Pesticide sales businesses should submit

  • a Commercial Permit Number;
  • the Business Name; and
  • optionally, a Certification ID.



If your organization employs multiple applicators, just choose one of them to enter in this form.



Entering Pesticide Data


After you have filled out the Registration form information, you can begin entering your data.  Do you have multiple applicators to include on your report?  If you do, use Form 26A to enter their information.  Pesticide applications for all your applicators can be entered in Form 26.



You may enter all your applications in one file even if they were made by multiple applicators; we do not need a separate report for each applicator.


If you are reporting for a pesticide sales business and sell restricted use pesticides, fill out a Form 25.  If you retail pesticides to private applicators, we will need a Form 27.


Opening up a Form


When you have decided which form(s) to use, click the radio button next to the form in the Select a Form to Open area.  Determine if you want to start a new file or add to an existing one? To start a new file, click on the Blank Form button.  For an existing file, click the Existing Form button.  This will open up a dialog in which you can choose the file you want.


Entering Data

The form will open up with the header area pre-filled with data from the Registration form.


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If you opened up the List of Applicators and Technicians, the
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Entering Data

On all the forms the name and ID(s) appropriate to the form type will be pre-filled in the header area.  In most cases these fields are not editable.  On Form 26A the applicator you entered on the Registration form will be pre-filled on the first row of the form.

If you did not make applications (Form 26) or sell any pesticides (Form 25 or 27), check the box in the header area and save the form.  Form 26A has a column where you can indicate whether the applicator made applications.


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To add a new row on any of the forms, just click in the first empty row and start typing.  As you are entering data right-clicking the mouse will display a pop-up menu of options to insert, duplicate and delete rows and options to cut, copy and paste one or more cells.  

See the Data Dictionary for field descriptions and the record layouts of each form. 

The EPA Registration Number List makes it easy to enter the same product repeatedly.

At any time you can validate the data you have entered by clicking the Validate menu item.  Cells which do not pass validation will be displayed with a pink background.

When you are done, save the file by clicking the Save item on the File menu.  Cells are validated as you move the insertion point to the next cell.  While it is possible to save and submit your files without correcting validation errors, the Pesticide Reporting Service Bureau may reject or return reports because of the invalid data.

By default the file is saved in the C:\PRLyyyy (where yyyy is the report year) report folder .  You can change the file location to wherever you want, but it is will be simpler when you are ready to upload the files if you save them in the default location.

Closing a form will return you to the Registration form where you will be able to open another form, exit the application or upload the report to us.