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The current report year is prominently displayed near the top of the Control Center and on each of the forms. If you are entering data for a different report year, you can change the year.

Changing the Report Year
  1. To do this, either click the Change Year button on the Control Center or choose the Change Year menu item on the Tools menu.

    Change Report Year
  2. Select the new year and click OK.
  • If the PRLyyyy subfolder (where "yyyy" = four-digit report year) does not yet exist for the current report year, it is created.
  • If the identity.txt file already exists in the report year folder, it is opened and the contents loaded into the contact and information boxes of the Control Center.
  • if the identity.txt file does not exist, the contact and identity entries from the Control Center are saved to a new file.
  • Report files are not automatically moved from the previous report year folder to the newly selected one.
Keystroke Shortcuts
  • Menu Item: Alt-T, Y
  • Button: Alt-Y