The macro security levels in Excel changed starting with Excel 2007.

Very High

Only macros installed in trusted locations will be allowed to run. All other signed and unsigned macros are disabled. Not available in Excel 2000. Not recommended for use with Option B. (Option B features will only be available with significant setup effort.)


Default setting; only signed macros from trusted sources will be allowed to run. Unsigned macros are automatically disabled. Recommended for Option B, unless you need a lower setting for other reasons.


You can choose whether or not to enable macros in a particular workbook; digital signatures are not required. Acceptable for Option B.


Enable all macros. Not recommended, potentially dangerous code can run.


We previously recommended that you change the macro security level to Medium. At that time we were not signing the macros, so Medium security was the best setting compatible with Option B.

Disable all macros without notification

Not recommended (Some Option B features will not be available.)

Disable all macros with notification

Acceptable (default setting for Option B)

Disable all macros except digitally signed macros

Recommended for Option B.

Enable all macros

Not recommended (potentially dangerous code can run)


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