• Each of the four form types has a fixed format that should not be changed; do not add extra columns to the files that you send us.
  • The four recordkeeping columns on Form 26 (columns 11 -14) are optional. It is not required that you use our software to maintain your daily use records.
  • Each required column should contain one and only one value (one EPA number, one street address, etc.).
  • Do not use ditto marks or equivalent notation on any of the four form types.
  • Consult the Data Dictionary for the description of any column you have questions about.  For example, the units of measure and county columns require specific abbreviations or codes.

Additional information about entering your data can be found in our FAQs and Common PRL Report Issues section.


Most computers and smartphones include a cloud storage application.  iCloud, Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive are all cloud applications and can save your records and reports in the event of a computer crash or other extenuating circumstances.  In order to avoid losing data through computer crashes etc., it is good business practice to update your records on a daily or weekly basis and save them to the cloud, a USB drive, or an external hard drive. Maintaining electronic records multiple times throughout the field season will make submitting reports at the end of the season a much easier process.

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