Hyphens, which should separate the parts of the EPA number, are missing.Report, for example, 3125-474, not 3125474 or 00312500474.
Numbers are omitted.Report the complete EPA number, exactly as it appears on the product label.
EPA Establishment Number is reported instead of the EPA Registration Number.EPA Establishment Numbers do not identify pesticide products. Numbers on the product label which contain a two or three-letter state or country abbreviation are not EPA Registration Numbers.
Leading zeroes are included.Report 3125-474, not 003125-00474 or 00312500474.
Products that are not considered pesticides are reported.Only report products that have an EPA Registration Number.  Glue boards, mouse traps, fertilizers, adjuvants, surfactants and active ingredients are not pesticide products.  See this FAQ for more information.
Multiple EPA Registration Numbers on one line of the report.

Each EPA Registration Number should be reported on a separate line. 

Pesticide Application Reports: This is true even if the application is a mixture of pesticide products.  Report all products that were included in the mixture along with the pre-mix amount of each product used on separate lines.

Special Local Need (SLN) products are reported incorrectly.If an SLN is applied or sold, you should report the SLN number, not the EPA Registration Number.
Commonly mistaken EPA number: 432-1452 (Tempo Ultra GC Insecticide)The number should be 432-1452, not 4321452, 432.1452, 0000432-01452, or 5966204.
Commonly mistaken EPA number: 62719-486-34704 (Signature Dimension 0.10 Plus Fertilizer)Number should be 62719-486-34704, not 67219-468-34704, 11800-CA-001, 6271948634704.