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Please do not send us the shortcuts (extension .lnk) that are installed on your computer’s desktop. 


titleShortcuts are...

just pointers to the software on your computer; they do not include any of your data and we cannot use the shortcuts from the Pesticide Reporting Service Bureau. A shortcut can usually be identified by the small arrow that points up and to the right in the file icon.

It can also be identified by checking the file properties. To do this use your mouse to right click on the file. Choose Properties. If a tab called Shortcut is visible in the Properties window, then the file is a shortcut.


   See this FAQ for more information.

If you are using Option B, please do not send us any .xls files from the C:\Program Files\NYSPRL folder. These files are empty workbooks intended for starting a new report form.

If you submit your electronic report by email or conventional mail, always include the identity.txt file.