If you look at the list of files attached to your submission and you see any whose names end in .lnk, then you have attached a shortcut. Shortcuts are just pointers to the software on your computer; they do not include any of your data and we cannot use the shortcuts from the Pesticide Reporting Service Bureau software.


When you download and install the Pesticide Reporting Service Bureau software, it creates an icon on your desktop. This is a “shortcut” to the actual program, placed there for your convenience in accessing the program, just like many of your other desktop icons. It is important to remember that these icons are not the actual programs or data files. If you attach the shortcut to your submission, you are not attaching the data files we need — you are attaching a set of directions to your computer for how to find the data files or program.


A shortcut can usually be identified by the small arrow that points up and to the right in the file icon.  It can also be identified by checking the file properties. To do this use your mouse to right click on the file. Choose Properties. If a tab called Shortcut is visible in the Properties window, then the file is a shortcut.

The files you need to submit instead are stored in the report folder unless you have changed the location.  If you are having trouble locating your report files, see this FAQ.