We generate a “First Email” as an acknowledgement of receipt shortly after we receive your report.

  • If you submitted your report by direct upload from the PRL Reporting Software or by upload through the web site, the First Email is generated as soon as the upload completes. It is sent to the email address you entered in the contact information. You should receive it within an hour or so.

  • If you submitted your report by email, the First Email is generated when we move your email submission from our email server to our report processing server. It is sent to the email address from which you sent your report. 

    During the peak reporting season (roughly January through March), we typically collect email submissions at least once a day, so you should receive the First Email by close of the next business day.  At other times of year, the email is sent less frequently.

  • For other methods of submitting reports, the First Email is not automatically generated.

  • Email propagation through the internet is sometimes delayed by factors beyond our control.

  • Your Internet Service Provider might block our email as suspected “spam.”

  • Your email account might be full or disabled for some reason.

  • You might have mis-entered your email address in the contact information, causing the First Email to be undeliverable.



If you uploaded your report (anytime) or emailed it to us (during the peak reporting season) and have not received the First Email response within one business day (M-F), you should contact the Pesticide Reporting Service Bureau to confirm that we received your report.