There are two main cases:

Your business has several “branches”, each with its own business registration number and pesticide applicators, operating more or less independently.

It is probably easiest for you to submit a separate PRL report for each “branch”. You can keep the report files separate with the PRL Reporting Software by using a different Report Root for each branch.  You may choose to combine all of the branch reports into a single submission.

If you choose to create a single report for all the branches and you are using  Option A, you can enter different business registration numbers for each applicator on a single Form 26A and all the applications for all the branches on a single Form 26; if you are using  Option B, you can create separate Form 26A files for each business and separate Form 26 files either for each business or for each applicator.

Your business has several closely associated locations (an office, a pesticide storage location, etc.), each with a separate business registration number but you only have one set of applicators. There is no clear separation of your applicators by business registration number.

At present, the NYS DEC is only tracking submissions for certified applicators and commercial permittees for purposes of enforcement. You are not required to report for each of your business registration numbers. You may report multiple business registration numbers by listing all of the business registration numbers on on or more Form 26As; you can associate applicators with business registration numbers arbitrarily.