All quantities used (or sold) must be reported using one of the accepted units of measure. These units are all clearly defined units for weight or volume. Reporting quantities as “EA”, “BLOCK”, “STATION”, or similar descriptive units is not acceptable. Convert all such quantities to acceptable units.  The net weight (or volume) of each pre-packaged unit should be indicated on the pesticide label. (Unfortunately, not all manufacturers make that information easy to find.)  If you need assistance locating the correct conversion factors, contact us.

Here are a few common examples (not intended as a recommendation or endorsement of the particular products shown):

  • Contrac All-Weather Blox (Bell Laboratories, EPA Reg Num. 12455-79): 1 block weighs about 1 ounce. This is a simple one: report the number of blocks used as OZ.

  • MaxForce Roach Killer Small Bait Stations (Bayer Environmental Science, EPA Reg Num. 432-1251): Each station contains a net weight of pesticide of 1.5 g, or 0.05 oz. Multiply the number of stations used by 1.5 and report units as GR, or multiply by 0.05 and report units as OZ.

A common error is to use the percentage of active ingredient rather than the net weight (or net volume) per unit. Be careful that you use the correct conversion factor.