That depends on

  1. How many reports we received at about the same time as yours.

  2. The format and data quality of the report you submitted.

Compliant Reports

PRL reports for the current report year that comply with formatting standards for electronic reports and that pass our preliminary data validation are usually processed quickly. Our goal is to complete processing of submissions that have no problems within a week after receipt. Of course, a heavy rate of submissions or unforeseen issues may sometimes delay processing. During the 2010 report year (processing during early 2011), most report submissions were processed by the next business day.

Non-Compliant Reports

PRL reports that do not comply with formatting standards (“e-Converts”) or that fail data validation can be significantly delayed. We try to complete the processing of those submissions within three weeks of receipt, but some submissions may take longer. In some cases, we are not able to correct formatting or data quality problems and the submission will be returned to you for correction.

An acceptance email is sent after any requested corrections have been made and we have finished processing your report.