If you have your PRL data in a spreadsheet or other tabular format, you can paste the data into any of our software options.  It is important that you paste each column into the matching column in the option software.  Since the layout of your data may not match our forms, we recommend that you paste data in column by column.  In Option A and Option D, if you paste data into the wrong column it may trigger validation messages.  In Option O, there are no validations, but the report may be rejected after we receive it if the columns are misaligned.

Spreadsheet Cells with Formulas or Formats

When pasting data from custom spreadsheets into one of the DEC’s reporting options, make sure you are only pasting the cell values and not the formulas or formats that may have been defined for the cells. Pasting custom formulas into the DEC’s reporting options may result in data losses when the file is submitted to the DEC.  Custom formats may override the built-in formats in our software, which may cause the data to fail the validations built into the software.