The information on this page only applies to version 6.03 of the Reporting Software Options and related documentation.  See this page for other versions of the documentation.  The version number of the PRL software you are using can be found on the Help menu under the About item.


Why change the report root folder?  You will probably not need to change the folder from whatever choice you made during installation. However, if you need to enter PRL reports for more than one business (e.g., if you complete PRL reports for several clients), you might find it convenient to create a separate folder for each business. This approach will help you to keep the identity information and report files for each business separate.


Changing the Report Root Folder
  1. Select the Change Report Root item on the Tools menu.

  2. A standard Windows dialog opens to let you select an existing folder or create a new one.

  3. Click OK when you are finished.
  • If the PRLyyyy subfolder (where "yyyy" = four-digit report year) does not yet exist for the current report year, it is created.
  • If the identity.txt file already exists in the report year folder, it is opened and the contents loaded into the contact and information boxes of the Registration form.
  • If the identity.txt file does not exist, the contact and identity entries from the Registration form are saved to a new file.
  • Report files are not automatically moved from the previous report year folder to the newly selected one.
Keystroke Shortcuts
  • Menu Item: Alt-T, R

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