The information on this page only applies to version 6.03 of the Reporting Software Options and related documentation.  See this page for other versions of the documentation.  The version number of the PRL software you are using can be found on the Help menu under the About item.

Change Report Root

The Change Report Root menu item allows you to move the location where your files are stored.  See Change Report Root for more information.

  • Menu Item: Tools -> Change Report Root (keystroke shortcut: Alt-T, R)

Change Report Year

The Change Year menu item/button allows you to create reports for a different report year.  See Change Year for more information.

  • Menu Item: Tools -> Change Year (keystroke shortcut: Alt-T, Y)
  • Button: Change Year (keystroke shortcut: Alt-Y)

Save Identity

Saves the contact and identity information on the Registration form to the identity.txt file in the report year folder. Contact and identity information is automatically saved when you exit the program, open a PRL Form, or initiate an upload of your report, but this menu option lets you save the identity information whenever you want.

  • Menu Item: File –> Save (keystroke shortcut: Alt-F, S)

Edit Product List

The EPA Product List is a list of pesticide products (EPA Registration Numbers and Product Names) that you use frequently when preparing PRL reports.  This command opens a dialog box with which you can create or edit your Product List.  You can also open the EPA Product List dialog from Forms 2526 and 27.  See EPA Registration Number List for more information.

  • Menu Item: Tools -> Edit Product List (keystroke shortcut: Alt-T, E)

Upload Report

The Upload Report to NYSDEC menu item/button enables you to submit your report to us when you have completed it.  See the Upload Report to NYSDEC section for more information.

  • Menu Item: Tools -> Upload Report (keystroke shortcut: Alt-T, U)
  • Button: Upload Report (keystroke shortcut: Alt-U)


The Help menu on the Registration form gives you access to several documents.


Exits the program.

  • Menu Item: File -> Exit (keystroke shortcut: Alt-F, X)
  • Button: Exit (keystroke shortcut: Alt-X)
  • Close window button (top right corner of the Registration form)
  • Windows menu (click the icon in the left corner of the title bar) – Close Window


  • If there is no missing or invalid contact or identity information, the entries are saved to the identity file in the current report folder.
  • If contact or identity information is missing or invalid, you will be given a choice to correct the deficiencies or exit without saving.


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