The information on this page only applies to version 6.03 of the Reporting Software Options and related documentation.  See this page for other versions of the documentation.  The version number of the PRL software you are using can be found on the Help menu under the About item.

How to Submit Your Report

  1. When you are ready to submit your report to the NYSDEC, either click the Upload Report to NYSDEC button on the Registration form or choose the Upload Report item on the Tools menu.

  2. If you saved your files in the default report folder, click "Yes" on the dialog box that pops-up.  Otherwise click "No" and navigate to the location where you saved your files.

  3. The program then displays the Upload Utility form.  Simply uncheck files that you do not want to send us.


    Upload Utility Form

    The contact and identity information you typed into the Registration form are saved in a file called identity.txt.  This file is not displayed in the Upload Utility form, but it is automatically included with the files you submit. 

  4.  Click the Step 2. Upload Report to DEC button.  The upload may take a few minutes.  If it succeeds, you will see a page with a list of the uploaded files and a submission number.


    Upload Response Dialog

    Please make a note of the submission number; if you contact the Pesticide Reporting Service Bureau, we will need it to access your report.

  5. If you do not see this page, you may see a page asking you to correct one or more of the ID numbers you entered on the Registration form.  After you correct the IDs, re-try the upload.

  6. When you are finished, check your email account for a message from  You should receive an email from us which confirms the receipt of your report and contains important information about the report that you should review.


Upload Error

If no page is displayed after a few minutes, there is a technical problem with the upload.  Rather than using the program to upload your report, choose another submission method


Keystroke Shortcuts

  • Menu Item: Tools -> Upload Report (keystroke shortcut: Alt-T, U)
  • Button: Upload Report to NYSDEC (keystroke shortcut: Alt-U)

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