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Forms 26 and 27 have a column for County Code.  A list of New York county codes is in the Appendix. 

As an added convenience, a popup dialog is available to help you select the correct county code.

Using the County Popup


County Code Dialog



  1. The county code popup can be opened by either clicking the yellow button at the top of the grid or (if the popup is enabled) by clicking or moving into the county column.

  2. The county code popup has three different modes:

    • Select from List: This mode enables the county code popup. Simply click the appropriate county with your mouse and the county code will be filled in on the form. The pop-up will appear every time you enter the county code field on forms 26 or 27.

    • Disabled: This mode deactivates the county code popup so that you can type in the code directly on the grid.

    • Select a Default Code: This mode deactivates the county code popup, but it also allows you to set a default value. The code will be entered automatically each time you enter the field. Just select a code from the list or type one in the space provided (this field is only visible when you click the radio button for this mode).

In Option A forms the button at the top of the grid on the form also indicates the current mode of the popup.

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