If your report is rejected, the PRL Service Bureau will send you an email detailing the errors that were detected.  The email may also contain the error report we created when we processed the report. 

You can use this report to help you fix the errors.  For each error type the report lists the row number of the error and the error values.  The row numbers are based on the file that we extracted from the files that you sent us.  If you send us a file from one of the PRL Software options, the row numbers in the report will be ten less than the file you sent us.  If you send us files that we have to convert into our standard format, the row numbers in the error report will not correlate with the source file's rows.  Please contact us if this is the case.

After you are done making corrections, please email us the report at our prlsupport@nysprl.com email account and include the submission number of the report that you are correcting in the email.

Do not upload the corrected report using the web site or PRL Reporting Software as that will create a new submission with a new submission number and we may not be able to link the new submission with your original report.

After we receive your corrected report we will process the new files and send you another email either accepting the report or describing why it was rejected again.

You will not be credited with reporting until we have received a valid PRL report for the report year.  Just submitting a report does not meet the PRL requirement; the report must conform to the specifications for the four PRL form types (or the Text File Specifications) and the Data Dictionary.

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