After you are finished entering your pesticide data, you need to prepare the report for submission.  Please follow these guidelines

  • Submit all your data for the entire year at one time.  Do not send us the data incrementally, such as by the month or week.
  • Send all the files that are part of your report in one submission using a single submission method.  For example, do not use the web upload service to submit Form 26A and the reporting software to submit Form 26.
  • Do not send multiple copies of your report unless we request a replacement report from you.
  • Minimize the number of files of the same form type you submit.  Multiple files of the same type increase the chance that your report will fail validation.  That is because we use an error threshold based on the percentage of error records in the file.  A smaller file has a lower error threshold. 

See Report Submission Methods for information on the various options for sending us your report.

You can submit your report whenever you have finished making applications (or selling pesticides) for the year.  We do not process early submissions as they arrive; typically they are processed in December.

What to Expect When You Submit Your Report

When the upload is complete, a page will display your submission number and a list of files we received.  We will also send you an email with the same information.  The email will go to whatever address you entered into the email field for the contact person.  If no message arrives within an hour or so, you may want to contact us.

If you are having trouble using one of the submission methods, try another method or contact us. Do not continue to click the Upload or Submit button if it does not seem to be working.

Retain the initial email and the report acceptance email as confirmation that you submitted your report and that it was accepted.  Please use the submission number included in these emails in all correspondence to us about your report.

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