There are several ways to submit your electronic PRL reports to the Pesticide Reporting Service Bureau:

You may also mail your paper PRL report to the NYSDEC. 

See the Report Submission and Report Processing  sections of the process overview page for more information on how to prepare your files for submission and what to expect when and after you submit your files.

Submission Methods

Upload with Our PRL Reporting Software

Our PRL Reporting Software Options  A, B, and C all include the ability to upload your report files directly to our server.  If you are using Option A, B or C, the Upload to NYSDEC function is the quickest and easiest way to submit your report.

Some users in tightly controlled enterprise environments might not be able to use the upload function. The web site upload is a good alternative for those users.

When you are done, the software will display a list of the files uploaded and provide you with the submission number of your report.  We will also send you an email with the same information.


Upload Through the Web Site

The PRL Web Upload site allows you to upload existing report files or to report that you made no applications. Pesticide sales businesses can upload their reports or report that no sales were made.  The upload pages include help text for each step. 

If you are submitting applications or sales files created by PRL Reporting Software Options A or B, the files will be stored in the default report folder, unless you have changed the location.  If you are having trouble locating your PRL Reporting Software report files, see this FAQ.

When you are done, the site will display a list of the files uploaded and provide you with the submission number of your report.  We will also send you an email with the same information.

If you upload a ZIP file, the Web Upload site will include the contents of the ZIP file in the list of uploaded files that it displays.


To submit your report by email, do the following:

  1. Compose an email to
  2. Indicate the report year in the subject line. 


  3. Attach5 the report files to the email.  Report files created by the PRL Software are usually stored in the report folder.

  4. You must also attach the file identity.txt

    This file is created by our reporting software and some third-party pesticide software products; you can also create it yourself. Please do not include contact and identity information in the body of your email6.  if you have attached the identity.txt file; doing so will slow down processing of your submission.

  5. Send your email.


You should receive an email response from acknowledging receipt of your submission.  This message is not an automated reply.  During peak reporting season (roughly mid-December through early February), the receipt email will generally be sent by the next business day; at other times of the year, it will be sent within a few days.


Conventional Mail

You may also mail a floppy disk(s), CD(s) or DVD(s) containing your report or send us a paper report.

For electronic reports each diskette, CD or DVD should include a label with the full name of the certified applicator and/or business of origin and a contact phone number.

Along with your application or sales files, electronic reports must also include the identity file

Mailing Address:


Pesticide Reporting & Certification Section 

P.O. Box 10699 

Albany NY 12201-5699


Please do not submit both electronic and paper reports.




PRL report files may be submitted using FTP.  Very few report submissions require FTP transmission. In almost all cases, one of the other submission methods will work as well and probably be more convenient for you. (We have not received any FTP submissions in the last several years.)

To maintain the level of security required, if you wish to use this service, you must contact technical support. Technical support will supply the information necessary to conduct a secure FTP transmission of your report.