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For more information, see the user guides installed with the software or available online.

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Page: How do I report the quantity for products that are used in pre-packaged units such as bait stations or blocks? Page: I am having trouble pasting data into option B. What should I do? Page: I get a message when I open an Option B Excel workbook that asks whether I want to “Enable Macros.” What should I do? Page: I get an error message from Excel that says “Macros are disabled because the security level is set to High.” What do I need to do? Page: I need to report for multiple applicators, but the Registration form only has space for one applicator. What should I do? Page: I opened a new Option B PRL form in Excel, but the spaces for name, certification ID number, report year, etc. are not filled in. What should I do? Page: My company has more than one business registration number. How should I submit reports for all of them? Page: Some of the products we use do not have EPA Registration Numbers. How do I report them? Page: The Registration form has a space for “Commercial Permit Number”. What should I enter there? Page: What are the macro security settings that I need to have in Excel to submit my report electronically? Page: What is in the C:\Program Files\NYSPRL folder? Page: When I open a form in Option B there is a message in the header area that says "Warning: Macros are Disabled". What should I do? Page: Which applicators employed by my company should I include in my report? Page: “Macros are disabled” warning displays in header area of Option B spreadsheet. What should I do?