It depends on the software’s capabilities:

  • If your business’s software application can export the data into a text file (.txt) that satisfies the DEC's Text File Specifications, the text file can be validated and uploaded by the DEC's Option A software.
  • If the software can export the data into a spreadsheet file (.xlsx) that is formatted in the same way as the DEC's spreadsheet forms (see Option D or O files for formatting), you can submit that file as your report through
  • If the software can export the data into a spreadsheet file (.xlsx) but the formatting is not compliant (does not match the DEC's forms), the data can be copy/pasted into any one of DECs reporting options. Make sure the data lines up properly. Please do NOT change any of the formatting of the DEC's forms when transferring data. When copy/pasting from custom spreadsheets into one of the DEC’s reporting options, make sure you are only pasting the cell values and not formulas that may have been defined for the cells. Pasting custom formulas into the DEC’s reporting options may result in data losses when the file is submitted to the DEC.

If you are unsure whether or not your software can export the report in any of the above-mentioned formats, please ask the software vendor for guidance.