Pesticide applicators and businesses will use Forms 26 and 26A, while pesticide sales businesses will primarily use Forms 25 and 27 and sometimes Form 26.  For more information see Decide Which Forms to Use

There is no required way to collect or enter the PRL data into a software application, but the files submitted to us must conform to the form types developed by the DEC.  Some pesticide management software packages have the capability to export a formatted PRL report.  If you use one of these packages, be sure to export the report in either text or Excel (or other spreadsheet) format, not as PDF.  If your software cannot export a PRL report but can export to a spreadsheet, you can then paste the data into one of our software options.

If you do not use pesticide management software that stores the PRL data or that allows you to export the data, download and install one of our software options.  For more information on the various options see Which Software Option Should I Use?

Your PRL report must conform to the record layouts of the forms that have been developed for the different types of pesticide data or to the Text File Specifications.  We may not accept reports which do not use one of these standard layouts.

Data Entry Guidelines

Please refer to our data entry guidelines for information on how to enter your data.

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