1. Download one of our reporting options
  2. After you enter your data, submit your report to us.  Please note that all of your report files should be sent together as a single submission.
  3. When we receive your submission, we will send you a report-received email.  This does not mean that we have accepted the submission. 
  4. After we process the report, we will send you another email that indicates that we have either accepted the report or that corrections are required.  Your report is not considered accepted until we have sent you a confirmation of acceptance email.

For more information please see our reporting process description pages.

PRL Submissions from Third-Party Software

If you have pesticide management software that can produce report files consistent with our file specifications, you may submit those files without using our software.

Modifying Reporting Software Format

Do not modify the format or layout of any of the spreadsheets that you download from the PRL Service Bureau.  Modifying the spreadsheets will prevent us from processing the files unless we make manual corrections.  This may lead us to reject your submission. 

In addition, do not copy/paste the spreadsheets into another spreadsheet as there are hidden fields that may not be captured.  If you need a blank copy, either download a new file from us or use Save As to save your data to a new copy of the spreadsheet so that the original file remains empty.

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